Develop and Deploy Laravel Applications with Docker

Learn how to use the power of Docker to develop, test, and deploy Laravel applications in local and production environments with this premium video course.

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Docker and Laravel work together in a perfect marriage

Docker, and more broadly containerization as a whole, is growing in popularity, not just for production environments but also for local development. Laravel is the leading modern PHP framework used by millions of developers around the globe. Together, they help develop and deploy web applications that are fast, scalable, and OS independent.

“I just upgraded my OS on my laptop and it broke MySQL in my local development environment.”

Working with a LAMP stack or other web server software installed on your local machine can be a nightmare when it comes time to upgrade. If you have multiple apps that require different versions of something like PHP it's even worse. Using Docker to build your local dev environment removes the headache of maintaining and installing dependencies for web server software across your machines.

“I have absolutely no clue how to get started deploying my Laravel app to a production server with Docker.”

That's okay, there's a lot of options! In this course, we'll explore a few different methods to deploy your Dockerized Laravel application onto a production server. Including how to setup and use an automated testing and CI/CD service like CircleCI.

Full course includes 20 videos

  • 1. Introduction to Docker
  • 2. Introduction to Docker Compose
  • 3. Setting up Nginx
  • 4. Setting up Apache (alternative to Nginx)
  • 5. Setting up MySQL
  • 6. Setting up and configuring PHP
  • 7. Installing and using Composer
  • 8. Creating a new Laravel app
  • 9. Setting up and using Artisan
  • 10. Setting up and using npm
  • 11. Building a simple CRUD application for testing
  • 12. Running tests with PHPUnit in Docker
  • 13. Improving local Docker performance
  • 14. Enabling HTTPS locally with mkcert
  • 15. Caching with Redis
  • 16. Running jobs with Queues
  • 17. Running scheduled tasks
  • 18. Deploying a Laravel application with git
  • 19. Using Let's Encrypt with a production Docker app
  • 20. CI/CD with CircleCI and Docker

A little about the instructor

Hey everyone, Andrew here! 👋

I'm a full-stack PHP developer with 8+ years of experience. I've built, optimized, and maintained web applications large and small in Laravel for over 5 of those years.

You can catch me posting regularly on my YouTube channel or on my blog where I show off brief tutorials for Laravel apps, Vue sites, and Docker. My GitHub also has a small selection of open source packages specifically for Laravel devs.

Profile picture of Andrew Schmelyun

Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods can I use?

The course is made available through the service Gumroad. During checkout you can choose to use either a debit card, credit card, or Paypal account.

What format are the course videos available in?

After completing your purchase, you're given the choice between watching the videos directly on Gumroad, or downloading a zip archive containing all 20 videos in MP4 at standard full HD resolution.

Is there a discount for teams?

There is currently no discount or special licensing for teams. I anticipate course videos being shared with colleagues, although I'd appreciate any additional purchases you make for your team.

What if I don't like this course?

I've put a lot of time and energy into making this course useful for a wide variety of developers. However, if you feel you haven't legitimately learned anything from it please email me your reasoning and I will provide a full refund.

Can I view a sample video?

This course follows a very similar teaching and recording style to the Laravel and Docker videos found on my YouTube channel. If you would still like to preview a video from this course, email me at the address below and I will send you one of the included videos.

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